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About Renejix

With broad, deep-scale and expertise in small molecule oral dosage development sciences, delivery technologies, and multi-modality manufacturing, Renejix Pharma Solutions is a preferred Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) partner for orphan drugs, blockbuster drugs, generics, and consumer health brand extensions. 

Renejix a premier partner in enabling pharmaceutical partners to slash time and costs for oral and topical small molecule product development, launch, and full life-cycle supply for patients around the world. 

Renejix Pharma Solutions has unrivaled expertise in formulation development for complex dosage forms. We employ a range of techniques to increase bioavailability or achieve controlled release for even the most challenging APIs. We have experience developing new formulation approaches and optimizing existing products, including oral solid dose (OSD), creams, emulsions, liquids, solutions, films, and suspensions.


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Pick from a variety of dosage forms

Increase efficacy, bioavailability, adherence, and safety.

Avoid Unreliable Partners

Benefits of working with Renejix

Why Renejix is Your Trusted CDMO Partner

Faster Time-to-Market

Cut up to 20 weeks of your early phase and late phase timelines!

Customized Solutions

11+ Oral Technologies and 4+ Integrated Solutions


Over 300+ state of the art equipment, 500+ employees, 5 facilities, and 20+ depots that can seamlessly adapt to your evolving needs from early development stages or ready for large-scale production.

Quality Assurance

Ensure compliance with stringent industry standards, reducing your risk guaranteeing product integrity, and timely market entry with products that meet or exceed the highest quality benchmarks.

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Expertise and Experience

Our seasoned managment team brings 30+ years of industry knowledge on average, ensuring your programs are guided by proven professionals.

Risk Mitigation

Address potential challenges from development to manufacturing from the get-go, ensuring consistent quality and regulatory compliance.



Explore Various Formulation Technologies at Renejix

Our Capabilities

Your Challenges Handled from Preclinical to Commercial. 

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Technology Transfers
Engineers, Chemists, & Techs Dedicated To Pharma Tech Transfer.
Pharmaceutical experiments

Preclinical Development

Screen your Drug candidate is viable for further development and  ensure the safety of clinical trial participants. 

Image showing the chemical reaction

Pre-formulation, dosage design, process development, and scale-up with analytical methods for pharmaceuticals.

Methods Development and validation
Regulatory Services
Ensure global compliance, streamline approvals, & support product lifecycle with strategic regulatory planning & quality assurance.
Pharmaceutical Analytical Service
Analytical Services
Over 200+ analytical scientists to provide comprehensive analytical testing and method development for quality, validation, and compliance.
Icon Designating Medicine
Clinical Manufacturing
Our comprehensive services encompass Small, Pilot, Full-scale, and adaptive Manufacturing solutions across all phases of clinical trials
Supply management
Supply Management
Raw Material Sourcing, Vendor Management, Inventory Management, Demand Forecasting, Cost Optimization.
Image showing Global Icon
Global Distribution
supply chain coordination, adherence to international shipping regulations, logistics, and ensuring product integrity across diverse markets and climate.
Icon showing Renejix Logo bottle
Packaging & Labeling
Crafting compliant, stable global packaging with emphasis on material selection, tech & multilingual labeling for diverse patient needs.
Logo for chemical Industrial manufacturing
Commercial Production
Large pharmaceutical production that ensures quality, efficiency, compliance, advanced manufacturing, & streamlined processes for timely delivery.
Image showing a icon for Portfolio management
Portfolio Managment
Strategic planning & ongoing optimization for market impact, addressing trends, regulations, & tech advancements ensuring sustained relevance & profitability.