We take our responsibility to comply with all applicable legal requirements very seriously. As a leading provider of technologies and services to the global pharmaceutical  industry, we conduct all our business responsibly and with integrity. Our customers, investors, and suppliers count on it, and our company’s continued success depends on it.

Our Standards of Business Conduct & Ethics commit Renejix to minimize our impact on the environment, complying with relevant laws, and operating with the required environmental permits, approvals, and controls. Our Standards of Business Conduct & Ethics is the foundation of the program of how we work responsibly and with integrity. It is authorized and supported by the Renejix Board of Directors and the senior leadership of Renejix. Overall responsibility for the ethics and compliance program rests with the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, with oversight from the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.

We offer an Business Conduct email that is available to employees and third parties to confidentially and, where legally permitted, if desired, anonymously raise concerns about the business conduct of Renejix and its employees. Concerns can be raised via info@renejix.com.

In addition to the Business Conduct Helpline, you may also submit written concerns or reports of possible violations regarding accounting, auditing, internal controls, or financial reporting to the Head of Internal Audit.

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