Oral Dosage Forms

We specialize in the development and manufacturing of various oral dosage forms from clinical to commercial scale. These include tablets capsules, minitablets, suspensions, semi-solids, orally disintegrating tablets, orally dissolving films. Our dosage forms also cater to variety of special populations including pediatric, geriatric, and dysphagic. These dosage forms can be mix and matched with our formulation technologies such as nanoplatforms and lipid based delivery to improve efficacy and uniquely position your product in the market. Additionally taste masking solutions are added to improve patient experience.


Design Collaboration: Our experts work in close partnership with you to design the optimal oral dosage form. This collaboration involves a structured evaluation of critical factors to ensure the oral dosage form meets all necessary criteria for success.

Physicochemical Analysis: A thorough analysis of the physicochemical properties is fundamental in oral dosage form development. Understanding these properties allows us to tailor the oral dosage form to ensure optimal delivery and performance.

ADME/PK/PD Evaluation: Assessing the Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion (ADME), and Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) characteristics is crucial. This evaluation informs the oral dosage form design to maximize therapeutic efficacy.

Patient-Centric Development: Patient requirements are at the forefront of our oral dosage form development process. We strive to create oral dosage forms that are not only effective but also patient-friendly, enhancing compliance and treatment outcomes.

Manufacturability Considerations: The manufacturability of a oral dosage form is a key consideration. Our team ensures that the dosage form design is practical and scalable, aligning with production capabilities.

Stability Assessment: Stability is a critical attribute of any oral dosage form. Our comprehensive assessment guarantees that the dosage form maintains its integrity and efficacy throughout its shelf life.

Market-Driven Strategy: Market considerations play a significant role in dosage form development. We develop strategies that position the oral dosage form favorably in the market, addressing unmet needs and patient preferences.

Personalized Recommendations: Our comprehensive oral dosage form assessment culminates in personalized recommendations. These recommendations are designed to differentiate your product, enhance patient acceptance, and ensure the translation of scientific findings into commercially successful medicine.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that the dosage form meets all regulatory requirements is essential. Our team provides guidance on compliance matters to facilitate a smooth approval process.

Innovative Dosage Form Technologies: We incorporate innovative technologies in our oral dosage form development to overcome challenges such as solubility and stability, ensuring that the dosage form is cutting-edge and effective.

Lifecycle Management: Our services extend beyond initial development. We provide ongoing support for dosage form lifecycle management, ensuring that the product continues to meet all quality and efficacy standards.

Environmental Impact of Dosage Form Production: We consider the environmental impact of dosage form production. Our development process includes strategies to minimize the ecological footprint, aligning with sustainability goals.

Features & Benefits

By partnering with Renejix, you benefit from our exceptional team of scientific advisors who optimize your investment in drug development. They conduct a neutral assessment of your molecule, technology dosage form, and manufacturing path, identifying potential hurdles and providing a range of options for selecting the best dosage form. The ultimate result is the maximization of patient acceptance and adherence, accelerated development timelines, and the creation of a distinctive dose form that ensures success in the competitive market


  • neutral assessment of your molecule, technology dosage form, and manufacturing path
  • Identification of potential development and manufacturing hurdles
  • Personalized recommendations with a range of options for selecting the best dosage form
  • Maximize patient acceptance and adherence 
  • Accelerate development timelines 
  • Create a distinctive dose form to develop a successful treatment in the competitive market

Improved Patient Experience

  • Formulation Flexibility: Renejix’s approach to formulation development is defined by its flexibility, adapting to the evolving needs of each project. This allows for a tailored approach to dosage form design, ensuring that the final product meets the specific requirements of the therapy and the patient.
  • GLP and GMP Formulations: Our early stage testing is supported by Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) formulations and test materials. This ensures that the foundation of our dosage forms is built on quality and compliance.
  • Seamless Transition: We guarantee a seamless transition from early stage formulations to stable, scalable finished dose forms. This smooth progression is critical for maintaining project timelines and ensuring the scalability of the dosage form.
  • Enhanced Therapeutic Profiles: By improving absorption, ensuring faster onset, and providing extended release, we enhance the therapeutic profiles of our dosage forms. This leads to better patient outcomes and more effective treatments.
  • Targeted Delivery: Our dosage forms are designed for targeted delivery, ensuring that the medication reaches the specific site of action, which can improve efficacy and reduce side effects.
  • Improved Therapeutic Adherence: Through thoughtful dosage form design, we aim to improve therapeutic adherence by making medication regimens simpler and more convenient for patients.
  • Minimized Food Effects: We develop dosage forms that minimize food effects, allowing for more consistent drug absorption and reducing the impact of dietary variations on medication efficacy.
  • Better Absorption: Optimizing the absorption of a drug is a primary goal in dosage form development. By enhancing the solubility and permeability of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), we can improve the bioavailability of the medication, ensuring that patients receive the full therapeutic benefit.
  • Faster Onset: The onset of action is critical for certain conditions where rapid relief is necessary. Our dosage form development strategies include the use of fast-dissolving carriers and other technologies to accelerate the release and absorption of the drug, providing quicker symptom relief.
  • Extended Release: Extended-release dosage forms are designed to release the API gradually over time, maintaining therapeutic levels in the bloodstream for longer periods. This can improve patient adherence by reducing the frequency of dosing and enhancing the overall convenience of the treatment regimen.
  • Reduced Dose Burden: By employing advanced formulation techniques, we aim to reduce the dose burden on patients. This involves concentrating the API, utilizing high-potency excipients, and improving the delivery system to ensure that smaller doses are just as effective.
  • Reduced Dose Frequency: Reducing the frequency of dosing not only improves patient convenience but also enhances adherence. Our extended-release formulations and novel delivery systems are engineered to require fewer doses per day, simplifying the patient’s medication schedule.
  • Patient Experience: Enhancing the patient experience is at the core of our formulation development. By focusing on the patient’s needs and preferences, we create dosage forms that are easier to take and more acceptable to different patient groups.
  • Taste Masking: We employ taste masking techniques to improve the dosing experience, particularly for special patient groups such as children, the elderly, psychiatric patients, and animals.
  • Easier Administration: Our dosage forms are designed for easier administration, ensuring that patients can take their medications without difficulty or discomfort.
  • Product Differentiation: Renejix utilizes unique technologies to create differentiated oral dosage products that attract prescribers and patients, setting our treatments apart in the competitive pharmaceutical market.


  • Softgel: The softgel dosage form offers a versatile solution for delivering liquid or semi-solid drugs. Its smooth, gelatinous shell makes it easy to swallow and provides an effective barrier to protect sensitive ingredients from light and oxygen.
  • Gelatin-Free Capsule: Gelatin-free capsules provide a dosage form alternative for individuals with dietary restrictions. These capsules are made from plant-based materials and offer the same benefits as traditional gelatin capsules.
  • Lock Abuse-Resistant Technology: This technology is designed to deter the misuse of medications. The lock abuse-resistant dosage form ensures that the active ingredient is difficult to extract, which helps to prevent abuse.
  • DR Delayed Release: DR delayed release technology is a dosage form that controls the timing of drug release. This allows the medication to bypass the stomach and release at a specific point in the digestive system, enhancing efficacy and reducing side effects.
  • Minicaps: Minicaps are a smaller version of traditional capsules, making them an ideal dosage form for patients who have difficulty swallowing large pills. Despite their size, they can be engineered to carry an effective dose.
  • Microcaps: Microcaps are an advanced dosage form designed for precision delivery. They contain micro-sized capsules that can be tailored for targeted release, improving the absorption and effectiveness of the medication.
  • Modified Release: These technologies allow for the customization of drug release profiles. Modified release dosage forms can be designed for sustained, controlled, or delayed release, depending on the therapeutic needs.
  • Orally Dissolving Tablet: Orally dissolving tablets provide a convenient dosage form that disintegrates quickly in the mouth without the need for water, offering ease of administration and rapid onset of action.
  • Orally Disintegrating Film: This innovative dosage form consists of a thin film that dissolves rapidly on the tongue. Orally disintegrating films are discreet and ideal for on-the-go medication administration.
  • Oral Suspension: Oral suspensions are a liquid dosage form that allows for the suspension of insoluble drugs in a liquid medium. They are particularly useful for pediatric and geriatric patients who may have difficulty with solid dosage forms.
  • Emulsion: Emulsions are a dosage form that combines two immiscible liquids. They can enhance the bioavailability of drugs by improving the solubility of lipophilic compounds.
  • Microencapsulation: Microencapsulation is a dosage form technology that encases tiny particles or droplets of a drug within a coating. This can protect the active ingredient from degradation and control its release.
  • Multiparticulate: Multiparticulates are a dosage form composed of small, discrete particles. Each particle can be coated or layered to provide a specific release profile, offering flexibility in drug delivery.
  • Sublingual Tablet: Sublingual tablets are a dosage form designed to dissolve under the tongue, allowing for rapid absorption into the bloodstream and quicker therapeutic effects.
  • Chewable Tablet: Chewable tablets offer a user-friendly dosage form, especially for children or those who have difficulty swallowing. They can be flavored to improve palatability.
  • Effervescent Tablet: Effervescent tablets are a dosage form that dissolves in water to release carbon dioxide, resulting in a fizzy solution. This can enhance the taste and make the medication more appealing to take.
  • Topical Gel: Topical gels are a dosage form applied to the skin. They are designed to deliver medication locally or transdermally and can provide targeted therapy with minimal systemic exposure.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Dosage Forms

What are oral dosage forms and why are they important in pharmaceuticals?

Oral dosage forms include tablets, capsules, powders, and granules. They are crucial for delivering medication in a controlled, precise manner, ensuring patient compliance and convenience.

How does Renejix ensure the quality of its oral dosage forms?

At Renejix, we adhere to stringent industry standards to guarantee product integrity and compliance. Our quality assurance processes are designed to meet or exceed the highest benchmarks, ensuring the safety and efficacy of our products.

Can Renejix provide customized solutions for oral dosage forms?

We offer customized solutions tailored to your project’s needs. With over 14 oral technologies and integrated solutions, we can adapt to your evolving requirements from early development to large-scale production.

What types of oral dosage forms can Renejix develop?

We specialize in a wide range of oral dosage forms, including immediate and modified release tablets, capsules, beads, granules, and powders. Our expertise ensures we can handle diverse formulation challenges.

How does Renejix approach complex formulation challenges, such as poor solubility?

Our team employs innovative technologies and formulation expertise to enhance the bioavailability and performance of drugs with solubility challenges, ensuring optimal delivery and efficacy.

What services are included in Renejix’s formulation development for oral dosage forms?

Our services encompass pre-formulation, dosage design, process development, scale-up, and analytical methods, supported by comprehensive analytical testing for quality, validation, and compliance.

Can Renejix support both small-scale and large-scale formulation development?

Yes, we have the capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment to support all phases of clinical trials, from small, pilot, full-scale, to adaptive manufacturing solutions.

How does Renejix ensure regulatory compliance for oral dosage forms?

We provide strategic regulatory planning and quality assurance to ensure global compliance, streamline approvals, and support the product lifecycle.

How can a pharmaceutical company start a formulation development project with Renejix?

To initiate a project with us, simply contact our expert team. We’re ready to partner with you to accelerate your molecule from preclinical to commercial stages with our smart, efficient approach.