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It is typical to encounter a restricted number of APIs during the initial stages of drug development. This limitation hinders the swift advancement of the development process. Renejix introduces an innovative strategy that facilitates the utilization of large-scale machinery right from the outset, potentially leading to the production of cGMP batches with favorable yields.


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Sridhar Gumudavelli
Sridhar Gumudavelli serves as the Vice President of Formulation R&D at Renejix Pharma Solutions, where he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. His leadership is instrumental in navigating the complex process of drug formulation, leveraging a variety of technologies to enhance drug absorption, bioavailability, and patient compliance.Sridhar’s expertise is not just limited to his hands-on experience; he is also an innovator with several patents filed under his name. These patents reflect his contributions to advancing drug delivery systems, showcasing his ability to tackle some of the most challenging problems in pharmaceutical sciences for the past 30+ years.

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